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Get to know - Stella Issa

Could you choose an artwork of yours and tell us about it?

I’d have to go with ‘new morality’ - a piece I made during quarantine 1.0 and it marks the first one using a new technique I’ve been experimenting with (and lowkey obsessing with). I found myself finding comfort in materials and getting my hands dirty during a period where everything else was paused. For the first time I kept adding figures and pieces which then translated into our need for physical and mental connection. The process was quite healing too and that's probably why the work created during this period is so special to me.

Select an artist dead or alive who you'd want to have dinner with and why?

Ah so many! But if I had to choose one, as cliché as it sounds I’d choose Jenny Saville. Up to this day, I still remember the first time I was introduced to her work back in high school. She’s probably the reason I decided to go into the arts. I’m obsessed with her approach as a human and as a creator. Plus she’d probably have great taste in food which she will not get to enjoy since I will be bombarding her with questions all night.

What do you listen to when you work?

Easy-peasy. Florence and the Machine, loud and on repeat.

You have also created @pardonmyvase where you provide handcrafted paper vases. They are so cute! Tell us more about them.

Pardón my Vase is my little fun outlet where I get to play around with some of my favourite people to create paper vases using recycled materials. It combines my two sanity channels - art and flowers - and the process is exciting and fun. The goal is to bring a smile to every single person when they first get it and then every time they see it inside their home!

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