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Get to know - Luna Jungblut, the Art Life Translator

How did you decide to become a Freelance Translator, specialising in working with museums?

If I could, I'd just travel the world all year long, discovering new cultures and learning new languages... This is what drove my interest in studying translation and conference interpreting.

A job that would allow flexibility, growth and give me a good amount of freedom. And regarding my specialization, it was also natural for me to niche down in the topic I know most about.

What are the main challenges you face working as a Translator?

Being a one-woman business is very challenging, most of your time is spent marketing yourself, reaching out to potential clients and that can be quite taxing.

Additionally, it can be isolating, especially with the pandemics, since we mostly work from home and the coworking spaces and cafés were closed.

How did your ‘Artlifetranslations’ Instagram account come about?

Instagram has always been my favourite platform. I'm a visual person, and I figured that my clients from the art world are, too.

I also started a weekly series #ArtlifeMondays, putting my favourite artists in the spotlight to allow people to learn a little bit about art while scrolling. The series has over 100 publications.

7 years of experience as a Translator. Any tips to students or graduates who want to pursue this profession?

My first tip would be to specialize and know your niche inside and out, to practice it on a daily basis.

Translation is a tough and competitive market, with little to no barrier to entry. The only way to differentiate yourself and make a good living out of it is to be the expert in your niche.

What is a project that you now look back and are proud of?

Hard to pick! My job is so diverse... Between working on the French audioguide for a major UK museum, interpreting for Patti Smith or subtitling blockbuster movies, I never run out of interesting and rewarding projects...

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