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Get to know - Iacovos Loizou / MrKok

What’s the idea behind ‘Mr Kok’?

Mr kok is an amalgamation of teenage boredom, sterile education system and one-dimensional cypriot teenage scene. Even today, it's my way out. Mr kok is a penguin "hero" that in a way represents my confusion for my future.

Describe your work in 3 words

simple, evolving, coded

What inspired you to create your penguin world?

I don’t know, never thought about it. It's one of those things that happen over a long period of time without even realising it. Why penguins? just because they are cute and it was the only thing I could draw at the time.

Biggest influences

cats, books, bicycles, cyprus, rednecks, friends.

A photo of your process


A question that you hate being asked about your work

Can you draw my dog or can you draw something "abstract"? I don't like commissions in general.

What are you working on atm?

A few canvas or ceramics here and there when I can squeeze time. I want to work on bigger sizes though. Less marketable maybe, but everything I do as an artist is to please my own selfish desires. Plenty in my to do list for sure, but I don't know when.

Advice to young people who are aspiring artists?

Ask questions. Think. Reflect. Act. Be humble. Ahh and talk to yourself.

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