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Get to know - Evdokia Georgiou

How did you develop your signature as an artist?

It actually started years ago, it came naturally and without any planning. Enhancing and twisting everyday images through drawing, painting and sculpting was one of my main focuses. Through my studies, I wished to transform every-day objects into sculptures thus adding a different dimension and dialogue in between the artwork and audience. In this way, I was aiming to present twisted forms of objects, acts, social behaviors and reality.

What is important for you to have in your creative space?

Everything starts from within. Ideas, inspiration, experiences, emotions and everything is reflected in my Art. Of course, being on my own at my studio is always (much appreciated and needed) a great way of reflecting within. No interactions, no interferences. Calmness around me while creating keeps creativity flowing. Also, I sometimes allow ‘accidents’ to happen while creating, especially when using liquid glass on canvas, thus ending with a ‘surprise’ outcome with a new form, a new meaning. I of course make sure that my studio is full of various materials, molds and surfaces.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently planning my next Solo Exhibition which will be based on Conceptual Art and on contemporizing established traditions, social behaviors and habits. In this way, I am aiming to present everyday forms and dialogues through normal situations. In addition, I have started creating my own fashion series of prints and I am aiming to develop it further. Furthermore, soon enough I will be creating an interactive microcosmic world in Limassol. Stay tuned!

As an art curator, what do you think is your greatest challenge?

It’s a great challenge to keep the balance between the contemporary and commercial concepts, which, as an Art Curator, I encourage through the group exhibitions of the Exhibit 8 Gallery. Through the Art Group Exhibitions with inspirational themes, I am targeting on forming coherent exhibitions, as well as encouraging dialogues between artworks and the visitors of the gallery.

When you are curating an exhibition, what is your main purpose?

Through curating a selection of artworks either for a Solo Exhibition or a Group Exhibition, I am aiming to create a holistic and coherent exhibition. Even though the gallery I am working at is hosting contemporary, yet commercial exhibitions, I am aiming to offer to the audience unique and new dimensions, new connections between them and the artworks and display. It is not about just setting up; it is about creating a rhythm, a flow, a balance. In addition, having thematic group exhibitions raises questions about specific concepts and illustrates various perspectives.

How should an artist approach you as a curator? Is that something you are open to, or do you prefer approaching artists yourself?

For me and for the Exhibit 8 Gallery, it works both ways.

I love announcing Open Calls of particular themes and receiving numerous submissions of various mediums, structure and dimensions of the particular theme. In addition, it is a blessing to build up collaborations with artists through the years thus making us able to also invite some of them for exhibiting at our gallery several times through the season.

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