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Get to know - Ariana Demian, the woman behind 'Canvag'

How does art play into the designs of your products?

Canvag products are a projection of my thoughts and artistic expression. There’s a lot of theory behind every bag, behind the packaging and cards of the brand. There’s always something more to see than just the product.

You often talk about the importance of recycling and reusing the packaging of your products. Can you explain why?

The aim surely is not to force anyone into any type of lifestyle, but to simply introduce them to the option of an alternative one.

I thought that by providing people with alternative uses of Canvag’s packaging, that they would also start noticing other items that they could potentially reuse as well, rather than throw away.

Sustainability is a balancing act and creators are somehow responsible in designing with a light footprint.

[compostable packaging supplied by @dynamec]

An amazing collaboration was with the artist @brainfkr. Are you open to more artist collaborations in the future?

Anna is a dear friend and an amazing artist. She hand painted 7 different Canvags, representing the 7 days of the week back when we were in quarantine no. 1. We were only going out for walks at that time and those Canvags would fit exactly what you needed without adding unecessary weight on your hands.

We both share a certain humoristic/clever approach to what we are creating and I was confident that a collaboration with @brainfkr was within Canvag’s aesthetics.

I am open to artistic collaborations and extremely happy that there’s actually so much talent out there.

What makes a good collaboration between an artist and a designer?

I think the most difficult part is concluding a “deal” that both parties will be happy with. Not just business wise, but also conceptually. At this stage, there are certain things that by default Canvag cannot accommodate. The slow production process and fabric supply may sometimes also set limitations that an artist may find difficult to understand. Part of my job as a designer is finding my way around those limitations, and if both worlds meet then a product can be born.

Because of these limitations, sometimes even my own worlds as an artist and designer may clash. An idea may pop up and then I’ll have to adjust it according to the brands’ values and capacity.

As a sustainable designer for example, I try to avoid the use of plastic on my products. Artists on the other hand may need that plastic feature to express & communicate their art clearly.

Art shouldn’t have limits but the design world by default sometimes has.

What are your main inspirations/influences?

Feelings and situations inspire me.

But deep down what really motivates me is the belief that some things could be better or different. Better or different ways of working, better or different social norms, better or different ways of creating or packing certain products, better or different changing rooms in shops, better or different anything.

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