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Artist Spotlight - Eve De Haan

Eve De Haan answers some of our questions about her inspirations, the best part of being an artist, and more.

What’s your background? My name is Eve but I go by the name, Half a Roast Chicken. I am of mixed heritage; my mother is Mauritian and my father English. I studied at Leeds university and have a theology degree.

How did you start making art/Why do you make art? My mother had a strong influence on me and my appetite for art. Since I was tiny, she used to take me to museums & art classes. I think I’ve always been making art in some sort of way, as I’ve got older the mediums I use seem to evolve. I like making art because you can visualise something and then make into a physical thing, to me, that’s magic.

What inspires you? What are your biggest influences? Graffiti, YouTube comments, Billboards, Text messages, Conversations I over hear all inspire me to make new work. I think from a creative perspective, there are a few stand out artists for me that I would say have influenced my art, they would be, Tracey Emin, Martin Creed & David Shrigley. What’s the best thing about being an artist? Having self belief that you can be an artist.

What gives you the most joy? My family, Roast Dinners, Bulldogs & Positivity.

Considering the magnitude of the Covid-19 pandemic, what do you think is the impact on the art world and how could we overcome it? I think we are currently in an uncertain time, but after a great storm sunshine will always return. I think now is the time to be thinking about what is really important to us as individuals. I hope people continue to create and continue to try and make a positive mark with anything they make.

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