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5 Iconic Art Movies

These are the films you shouldn't miss if you love art! Grab your popcorn and get ready, they will get you hooked!

Here are five of the best films that we have chosen especially for you, so clear your schedule!

Jean Michel-Basquiat: The Radiant Child: This is a 2010 documentary directed by Tamra Davis. It shows excerpts from Davis' on-camera interview with artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and anecdotes from his friends. Tamra Davis was working in a Los Angeles art gallery in 1986 when she filmed an interview with her friend, Jean-Michel Basquiat. After Basquiat's death from a heroin overdose in 1988, Davis kept the footage. In 2008, gallerists at the Museum of Contemporary Art encouraged Davis to do something with the footage. He began interviewing Basquiat's friends and associates and put together a documentary.

Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present. It is a documentary directed by Matthew Akers and Jeff Dupre. It takes as its title the name of the retrospective exhibition that the Museum of Modern Art, MOMA, in New York organised in 2010 as a tribute to the Serbian artist Marina Abramovic, who calls herself "The Grandmother of Performance". It is a double documentary with a plot of intrigue and a biopic plot.

Factory Girl: This is a biographical drama set in the 1960s. The plot focuses on Edie Sedgwik, Andy Warhol's muse, who died of a barbiturate overdose in 1971 at the age of 28. Warhol gave the young Edit a familiar environment that she lacked as well as introducing her to the world of drugs.

Girl with a Pearl Earring: set in 17th century Holland. The film is an adaptation of the play of the same name by American writer Tracy Chevalier. The plot revolves around the painting The Girl with a Pearl Earring, also known as the Mona Lisa of the North by Johannes Vermeer, one of the most important painters of the Dutch Golden Age. The work attempts to reflect a pictorial universe of tonalities and perspectives on the background.

Loving Vincent: set in France in the 1980s. Before his death, Vincent Van Gogh left a letter to his brother Theo and the task of delivering it falls to young Armand Roulin, son of Van Gogh's personal postman. The plot intensifies when, upon discovering that Theo died shortly after his brother, Armand travels to the village where Van Gogh took his own life to look for another possible recipient of the letter.

Written by Paula Olives

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