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3 Upcoming artists to look out for in Greece | October

Eleni Simoni

Eleni Simoni is a mixed-media artist based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Her work often combines dreamlike photographs and paint, exploring the themes of childhood and adulthood, dreams and reality.

Through this signature technique and her use of pastel colours, she manages to transport the viewer to the very epicentre of her dreamlike and simultaneously realistic work.

We are thrilled that Eleni Simoni is collaborating with us. Go ahead and check out our art shop to find more of her work!

Michail Parlamas

Michail Parlamas is a painter based in Athens, Greece. His multi-layered work is concerned with distorted and thought-provoking visuals that are often inspired by underground comix, graffiti, Japanese anime and psychedelic art.

His ability to satirise everyday life, while at the same time referencing elements and symbols from various artistic movements and historical periods make us want to stare at this work all day! Just one of his paintings is definitely worth a thousand words!

Georgia Theologou

Georgia Theologou is a painter based in Athens, Greece and has just graduated from Athens School of Fine Arts. Through the use of pastel colours that display expressionistic qualities with realistic illustrations, Georgia beautifully manages to depict fragility and strength. The primary themes that her work revolves around are psychological aspects, traumas and sexuality.

Georgia’s work examines complex subjects and creates a strong emotional connection with the viewer. We are definitely looking forward to see what’s next!

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