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During these hard times, where hospitals are full with patients, every event is getting cancelled, every venue is closing, quarantine measures are being placed and people are immensely scared of what is coming, we refuse to cancel art. 

Art is still flourishing, and art has been flourishing through the hardest times. Constantly responding and reacting to every political, economic and sociological changes, the arts are there to remind us our history, comfort us today and provide us with courage to face the future. 

Creation will always be celebrated and this online exhibition aims to showcase works that convey artist’s message/point of view in today’s world!

Our primary aim for this exhibition is to display a variety of approaches focusing on each of the artists’ nuanced reaction to the circumstances we are facing. The viewer will observe diverse and universal themes such as loneliness, nostalgia and fear, but at the same time more positive and humorous themes will come up showing different perspectives. We hope through this digital experience you can relate to some of these themes, or see things in a different light, and take comfort in the fact that this is one of the rare occasions in history where the global community is united to overcome adversity.

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