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Eleni Simoni is a greek artist based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Her career as a full-time artist started in 2020 - covid pandemic inspired her to create her first series of paintings around the theme of dreams and time. She has participated in a physical exhibition in Athens in October 2020 - where she was the leading artist. She is participating in digital new movement exhibitions during this crazy year like the ones of London Paint Club, VOL UP Parisian magazine, Art Number 23 (Athens). She is part of the emerging artists’ platform of Hansford and Sons in London and of The Art Space in Greece. Her academic background involves studying Advertising in the University of the Arts London as well as having a Masters of Science in Applied Psychology in Fashion.


Her signature technique of combining dreamy photographs and paint- creating a whole new world of her own in-between of childhood and adulthood, has received critics of a “parthenogenesis in human emotions and nowadays art movements”. She is now

working on her next exhibition in Monaco and also launching her new art fashion collection.

Eleni Simoni
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