Curators' Statement

Mikaella Melanidou & Katerina Patsalidou

‘Recurring Memories’ is an exhibition that aims to shed light on the ways memories can and are being kept alive through art, be that through artistic recreation, or as pivot points enabling the artist to be inspired and unlock their inner thoughts and feelings. We chose the concept of memory as a focal point for this exhibition, to highlight that our human ability to recollect moments of happiness, pain, or struggle, is an essential tool we use to remind ourselves of our strength, navigate our present self and set our sights on the future.

One of our main objectives for this exhibition is to show how artists interpret the theme of ‘Recurring Memories’. The concept can be seen as very broad and at the same time very personal to each artist. From their point of view and experiences, some of the diverse themes that the viewer will observe are: loss, nostalgia, identity and reconstruction. We believe that these variety of approaches show how differently we all see the world and respond to it, and yet they can all coexist coherently in the same space.


We hope that the viewer will enjoy this virtual experience and admire the wonderful work of these artists.

Participant Artists

Alexandra Panayi

Andreas Stylianou

Anna Miltiadou

Annika Lindfors

Athina Hamali

Brooklyn Cobb

Erin Eastabrooks

Eve De Haan

Francesca Alaimo

Justine Otto

Loring Baker

Kyriakos Hadjielia

Kristy M Chan

Peter D'Alessandri

Sandra Wallin

Thekla Papadopoulou

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