Curators' Statement

Visual Space’s Autumn exhibition is an open theme exhibition which examines different subjects and mediums by all 25 artists (mediums: illustration, photography, sculpture, digital art, painting and video).

The exhibition launches on the 19th of October until the 4th of November and showcases artworks of 25 selected artists internationally who submitted their work through an open call.

Participant Artists

Alec Ilstrup 

Alexandros Xenophontos

Alice Miller

Andreas Stylianou

Andrius Zakarauskas

Anna Lytridou

Audrey Kenison

Bethanie Irons

Dimitris Loutsios

Dimitris Tairis

Doris Mari Demetriadou

Eleonora Geortsiaki 

Evangelos Tsoumanis

Francesca Alaimo

Gabriel Buttigieg 

Grace Fechner 

Iacovos Loizou

John Lloyd

Marisa Satsia 

Qin Tan 

Rodrigo Veloso

Sandra Wallin 

Shaun Lowndes

Steve Braun 

Thomas Flynn II 

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