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Aggtelek is the artistic project of Xandro Vallés (Barcelona 1978) and Gema Perales (Barcelona 1982). They currently live and work in Barcelona. Their work is a pictorial proposal that explores various fields of creation and process systems, challenging the limits of the politically correct, often through a humorous critique of the human condition. The duo feels deeply committed to ideas of their time. For them, art is related to life, expressed by a vigorous and forceful vitality within the work. From 2004 they completed solo exhibitions in galleries such as Hilary Crisp (London), Galerie Adler (Fráncfort del Meno), Luis Adelantado (Miami, Valencia, Mexico) o Exile (Berlin), in institutions and museums like Instituto Cervantes (Brussels), the Het Domein Museum (Sittard) or in biennials like 2ème Biennial de Rennes (Rennes) or X Istanbul Biennial. They also participated in collective shows like "Remote Viewing" in MOCA (Los Angeles) and took part in international art fairs and awarded with The Beers Lambert Award for emerging art (London 2012).

Artworks for sale

Iphone (2021)

Ink and watercolour on paper