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Carlos Quiralte is an Andalusian painter and musician. He graduated as a composer and percussionist. His artistic work ranges from painting and music (orchestra, soloists and ensembles) to land-art, installations, poems and texts in relation to the arts philosophy. Carlos Quiralte’s art is a hard art, a high-contrast art, an art in which creative development prevails over the choice of an artistic product, an eclectic art. Carlos Quiralte’s art moves between figuration and expressionism, art-brut, poor art and a use of color derived from fauvism. Carlos has exhibited in galleries in Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Atlanta and his art-works are in private collections of collectors from Hollywood, Brussels, London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona and the Netherlands.

Artworks for sale

Da Natura Sonoris (2021)

Mixed media on 200g paper

Children’s play (2020)

Mixed media on 200g paper