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B. 1994 Leicester, Lucy Archer graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2016 and is now based in Liverpool at The Royal Standard. Lucy aims to construct landscapes, interiors and imagined spaces through drawing. She often reacts to specific locations or found images to form her altered environments. Motifs from these scenes are repeated and developed throughout her work, sliding over, sitting on and blending into surfaces to play with the depth of an image. Despite employing a lexicon of lyrical and seductive marks, Lucy’s pieces ultimately seek resolution through geometry and formal composition. Since 2015, she has participated in several group exhibitions and a solo exhibition titled ‘Slippy Temperament: An investigation into the Physicality of Time’ at Output Gallery in 2019. She was also shortlisted for the Open Contemporary Young Artist Award 2018 at The Biscuit Factory.

Artworks for sale

Plumbs (2021)

Acrylic, enamel and spray paint on MDF board

Bananas (2021)

Acrylic and enamel paint on MDF board