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Francesca Alaimo is an Italian self-taught mixed media artist based in London. Her art has an experimental approach to the old Masters’ use of colours and chiaroscuro, which are a significant part her my heritage. She creates interventions on paper through manipulation and transformation of materials and images, using water based oils, acrylics and wax. Part of her artistic process is to undo what I have painted mirroring the act of deconstructing our certainties and exposing who we are, fragmented and inconsistent yet desperate to feel whole and grounded. Francesca’s work is an exploration of identity, vulnerability and courage, and of the relationship between fear and desire, prejudice and defiance, acceptance and self-love. In the process to heal our core wounds we recognise pain and know that there is no exit from grief but to embrace it and process it. She took part in various physical and online group exhibitions.

Artworks for sale

Food for Comfort (2020)

Mixed media on paper print

Vigil (2020)

Mixed media on paper print