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Savvas Gerolemidis is a Cyprus-born(1994) Fine Artist/Painter, who has graduated from University of Nicosia in 2018. After obtaining his diploma in Fine Arts he decides to go abroad and try out his luck in the city of Groningen(The Netherlands), where he already had some artist friends. For the next years, Savvas would participate in a couple of Art Performances initiated by local Art Students while he had been trying to make a living for himself. In 2019 he found a studio in the city of Groningen where he began working on his project "In the Shadows of You And Me". Meanwhile, Savvas would become interested in the language and semiology of shadow forms, in their inherent primordiality, in how their concept has been used in Psychology and Art, whilst being curious of how this artistic endeavour was reflecting conceptually the stage of life he was in as a young emerging artist in Groningen who was “living in his Shadows”.

Artworks for sale

Caligari’s Cabinet of Shadows (2020)

Oil on canvas

Garden Tales (2021)

Oil on canvas